Funding Growth and Technological Innovation

A financial milestone

In April 2022, Helvetic Blockchain Technologies (HBT) achieved a significant financial milestone. The company successfully raised approximately £1 million from qualified investors in a growth equity round. This fundraising initiative was spearheaded by Bowsprit Partners Limited, a corporate advisory and fundraising boutique based in London. The funding was secured at a pre-money valuation of £44.2 million, and the shares allotted to these investors constituted 2.66% of HBT’s current issued share capital.

The success of this growth equity round played a crucial role in HBT’s strategic expansion. With the funds raised, HBT was able to extend its operations, launching a new mining site in Paraguay in the second quarter of 2022. This expansion not only broadened the company’s geographical footprint but also its service portfolio, furthering its mission to offer reliable, sustainable, and inclusive mining hosting services among others.

Paraguayan expansion and Technological Innovation

The Paraguayan venture played a key role in advancing HBT’s commitment to innovation. The funding enabled the introduction of new technologies that have revolutionized HBT’s approach to crypto mining. One such innovation is dual mining, a process that allows the simultaneous mining of two cryptocurrencies. This practice leverages the unique aspects of different cryptocurrencies, enhancing productivity and profitability for HBT and its clients.

Another significant technological advancement is immersion cooling. This cooling method involves submerging mining equipment in a special, non-conductive liquid that dissipates heat more efficiently than traditional air cooling. Immersion cooling offers several benefits, including increased equipment longevity, reduced noise, and the potential for higher processing speeds.

These technological advancements have gained even more significance in a post-merge world, following the Ethereum (ETH) network’s transition to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. This shift has significantly altered the crypto mining landscape, making HBT’s pursuit of new technologies timely and relevant.

A clear path ahead

The impact of the growth equity round extends beyond operational expansion and technological innovation. The injection of funds and the successful opening of the Paraguay mining site have contributed to significant improvements in HBT’s functionality, strategy, scalability, security, and sustainability.

HBT is planning to open a second capital increase round of up to €1.5 million in order to boost its mining capability and expand the size of the mining site in Paraguay, always keeping in mind the Company’s main objective which is a listing on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. The roadshow and commitment are expected to take place in the first three weeks of July, with the aim of closing the round before August.

Please, reach out to our Financial Advisor, Bowsprit Partners, to find out more about the transaction.

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