Why are our Mining Facilities in Paraguay?

In the world of crypto mining, finding the right place for mining facilities is key. Paraguay has become a standout choice for several reasons, making it the perfect home for Helvetic Blockchain Technologies’ operations. Today, we look at why Paraguay is becoming a favourite for the blockchain industry, especially for HBT, focusing on its renewable […]

Helvetic Blockchain Technologies to Start Mining Bitcoin

In a strategic move to diversify its cryptocurrency portfolio, Helvetic Blockchain Technologies (HBT) is entering the world of ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) mining. This decision is aimed at complementing the company’s existing GPU-based mining operations, marking an expansion in HBT’s approach to cryptocurrency mining. The Antminer S19 Hydro, which HBT will use to mine Bitcoin. […]

The Evolution and Profitability of GPU Mining in Cryptocurrency: A Comprehensive Perspective

The Evolving Landscape of Cryptocurrency Mining The world of cryptocurrency mining has evolved significantly since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009. Initially, mining was a simple, low-cost activity that could be done on home computers. However, the rise in Bitcoin’s value in 2013 marked a turning point, making the mining process more complex and resource-intensive. This evolution […]

Using a Public Blockchain for International Trade

The TradeTrust Framework, a blockchain-based platform developed by Enterprise Singapore and Singapore’s tech authority IMDA, recently facilitated its first live international trade using a public blockchain. The platform offers a choice between Ethereum and Polygon for its blockchain infrastructure. Maersk, a global shipping giant, used the TradeTrust platform to issue an Electronic Bills of Lading […]