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Helvetic Blockchain Technologies (“HBT”) is a Crypto Mining and Blockchain company, active since 2018. We use 100% renewable energy to mine cryptocurrencies. HBT strives to create long-term shareholder value with blockchain projects and cryptocurrency mining.

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Crypto Mining and Blockchain business with VALUE

HBT is a global company which generates value for shareholders through cryptocurrency mining and blockchain projects.

Our operations are entirely powered by secured renewable energy sources.

In addition, HBT offers future value creation through the development of other blockchain serviced businesses, focusing on real-economy application of the Ethereum blockchain technology.

Why HBT?


We use only renewable energy. The mining operations are entirely powered by certified green energy (currently Hydropower).


HBT secures its energy supply by dealing directly with the energy providers.


HBT offers a simple and safe exposure to the crypto and blockchain sectors through a well-run and well funded company.


Our GPUs setup is flexible and can be switched to mine other cryptocurrencies within minutes.


Our farms are highly modular and can be scaled up as much as needed.


HBT is developing and will offer soon services based on Blockchain through the deployment of real economy applications.


The team has a stellar track record in commerce and investment and entered the crypto market four years ago.

Mining cryptocurrencies

HBT mines cryptocurrencies in a safe and reliable environment using sustainable energy:

  • The business was set up in March 2018
  • The first farm was installed inside a hydropower plant of Alpiq Holding SA located in Flumenthal, Switzerland
  • Our team strives to optimize the production and energy consumption of our operations

Blockchain projects

HBT’s goal is to change our life, economy and the world using blockchain technology. HBT is actively pursuing opportunities in blockchain-related sectors. Our activity aims to:

  • Scouting of investment opportunities in identified excellent targets
  • Technology transfer
  • Acceleration program
  • Consulting services
  • Training services inclusive of dedicated events
In our portfolio we have blockchain companies investing in various sectors:
  • Food
  • Art with NFTs
  • Companies production/distribution chains
  • Commerce​ Streaming
  • Decentralized Autonomous ICO
  • Music

New Technologies

Dual Mining

Immersion Cooling

Contact HBT

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